Wise Abroad Reference Form

All students applying to WISE Abroad Programs need one (1) reference.

Please print out this document, and once completed, scan and email to wise@wiseabroad.org, or send to:

WISE Abroad
6464 Willow Broom Trail
Littleton, CO  80125, USA


For students applying to a study abroad program, this reference should be completed only by a faculty member.  Students applying to an internship program may use faculty/advisors or employers as references.  Please answer the first 5 questions on this form and then give it to the faculty person who will provide the reference.

1. Student Name:____________________________________________________________
                                 (first)                                 (middle)                                 (last)

2. My Major is  _____________________________________________________

I am planning to study/intern mainly _____________________in _______________ 
                                                             (list subject  here)                  (list country here)

3. Name of person who will be asked to fill out this form:


4. I am planning to study abroad/intern for either:
Semester      Year      Summer      Spring      Winter 

Beginning ______________(Month) __________________(Year)

For students applying to a Semester or a Summer Abroad program, please complete the following:

Name of university or internship program as my first choice destination:__________________________________________ 5. I,____________________________ hereby            (Student Name) Waive  Retain my right to have access to the information provided in this reference.   Signed___________________________________ Date__________________________


The above student is requesting your assistance in providing a reference for his/her participation in a program listed through WISE Abroad. Semester and summer study abroad programs consist of direct-enrollment at an overseas university. Internship programs are educational and career preparation opportunities.  International experience is considered as an essential part of education.  The following information will help us select students who will be able and willing to gain the most from the international experience. We value your time and consideration.

After completing this form, you may scan the document and email it to wise@wiseabroad.org, or please enclose it in a signed/sealed envelope and give it to the student or send it directly to:

WISE Abroad
6464 Willow Broom Trail
Littleton, CO  80125, USA

If you have any questions about this recommendation form or any programs offered through WISE Abroad, please contact us at (979) 492 -1345.


General Information

   Reference Name:_____________________________________________________

   Title:___________________________ Department:__________________________



   City:__________________________________ State:__________ Zip:__________

   Telephone:(    )_______________________ Facsimile:(    )___________________

   email address (if available):_____________________________________________

1. Please indicate any classes which the above student has taken from you.



If you have not had this student in class, how do you know the applicant?



2. Please rank the applicant in the following categories.

                                              Poor    Average        Good    Excellent
Ability to work independently                 1       2              3       4
Reliability                                   1       2              3       4
Positive association with others              1       2              3       4
Degree of focused academic interests          1       2              3       4
Honesty                                       1       2              3       4
Flexibility/adaptation to new situations      1       2              3       4
Potential for academic success                1       2              3       4
Maturity                                      1       2              3       4
Capacity for innovation                       1       2              3       4

Please briefly describe why you recommend this student for an international experience, and reservations, if any, you may  have with regards to this student's participation in an international program.



 Other Comments




Please scan this form and email to wise@wiseabroad.org or return this form in a signed and sealed envelope to the above address as possible. Application deadlines are approximately 3 months before program commencement (depending on program choice), space is limited and student applications are not considered without this recommendation form.