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Cathedral in Spain Horse Carriage in Sevilla, Spain

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About Spain, Sevilla, and Granada

Spain and Portugal together make up the Iberian Peninsula, the westernmost of the three major peninsulas of southern Europe. Spain's various regions are all different one to each other, geographically, climatically and even in personality.  Sevilla and Granada are located in Andalucia, the southern Province of Spain borderng Portugal, where many of the most influential civilizations in the world including the Phoenicians, Celts, Tartessians, Greeks, Romans, and Moors transformed the landscape and culture of this region.  Andalucia was the launching point for the discovery of America, and Seville became the main port for the imports of gold from the New World during the 16th and 17th centuries.

Widely known for Flamenco music and dance, superb cuisine, bull-fights, fantastic beaches and lots of sunshine, Andalucia has much more to offer than that.  It is - and has been for thousands of years - one of the cultural centers of Europe.  It has beautiful cities and towns such as Huelva, Cadiz, and Cordoba, offering ancient monuments as well as futuristic architecture.  The Costa del Sol beaches are also a major attraction in the southern coast of Spain.  Spain today is the second most popular destination in the world for study abroad programs.

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