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WISE Abroad

Work, Intern, Study, or Intern Abroad!

Educate Abroad Program (TEFL)

Teach English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) in China, Costa Rica ar Taiwan.  Classes normally begin late August or early September and end in May or early June.

Topics on this page:

Program Details

WISE Abroad specializes in offering exciting and affordable life-changing opportunities for native English speakers to teach English and live in Costa Rica, China, and Taiwan.  If you are open to having an experience that offers the following benefits, then this program is right for you: satisfaction in helping others; gain broad perspectives of world views; learn about international cultures; gain unforgettable experiences while traveling and seeing exotic sites; make lifelong friends abroad; earn priceless work experience that strengthens your resume; enhance your self-confidence and personal skills; and most importantly discover your self.


Placements are dependent on the availability of teaching assignments, school's needs, and your qualifications.  We will make every effort to meet your requests and match you with our partners.

How Do I Apply?

WISE Abroad encourages you to apply.  Application process, requirements, and dealines are printed directly on the application, which is available online.