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Excursion to Portugal

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Program Locations

WISE Abroad offers study abroad programs in:

Experienced Staff

WISE Abroad's friendly and experienced partners and staff are available to assist you from the moment you begin the application process to the moment you arrive on-site, and through the duration of the program.

Extensive Orientation

As you prepare to embark on your overseas trip you will have many questions about safety, traveling, culture, housing conditions, academic issues, and other important topics which our Country Directors and staff will answer for you via email, internet-based materials or phone before you arrive to your destination.  WISE Abroad will mail you an orientation packet with valuable information to prepare you for your exciting abroad experience.

Upon arrival our Country Directors will welcome you at the airport, help you settle in your housing location, provide you with essential information through our comprehensive orientation sessions, combined with tours of your college campus and host city, and optional outdoor and cultural activities. You will also meet with respective on-campus international student admissions officers for an on-campus orientation and receive orientation materials on-site upon arrival during your orientation session.

Excellent Housing Options

We guarantee permanent and fully furnished housing throughout your stay in the host country.  We make all the lodging arrangements for you enabling you to settle immediately in comfortable and convenient locations, while providing you assistance throughout the program should any housing or other challenges arise.

WISE Abroad will provide host family accommodations for all students.  Private pensiones may also be available on a limited basis.

Items Included with Affordable Fees

Among the many items covered by affordable program fees in your host country experience are

  • University enrollment,
    • Full tuition and fees at host university
    • Student services support such as counseling and internet access at the academic institution
    • Course credit transfer, and
    • Official transcript from host University
  • Expert assistance with travel,
  • Pre-departure orientation and cross-cultural orientation upon arrival
  • Airport reception and pick-up upon arrival with country director
  • Fully furnished housing, laundry, and meals with host family
  • Group activities and excursions
  • Frequent contact with WISE Abroad country director while in the host country
  • Basic health insurance
  • Cell phone purchase assistance

This is an unmatched value for your program fees.  Please click on prices and dates for a summary of program dates and fees by country.

How to Apply

WISE Abroad encourages you to apply.  Application deadlines are listed under program prices and dates.  Application process, requirements and submission instructions are printed directly on the application, which is available online.

Once you have completed the application and other required documents, we will provide you with an official admissions application of the school you have chosen after we establish your eligibility.  Both applications are due no later than two months before the academic courses begin to allow ample time for our staff to work with the college admissions office to process your application, assist you with visa processing, and allow enough time to make suitable housing arrangements for you (please see prices and dates for program dates).


WISE Abroad cannot guarantee course selection; class schedules will be determined when you arrive in the destination city.