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Study Abroad in Granada, Spain

Overview and Location of Universidad de Granada

The University of Granada sits practically at the foothills of the marvelous Alhambra, one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It was founded in 1531, under the initiative of the Emperor Carlos V. With 475 years of tradition, the University of Granada has been an exceptional witness to history, as its influence in the city's social and cultural environment grew until it was to become, over a period of almost five centuries, an intellectual and cultural nucleus in Southern Spain in its own with a student population of about 58000.

Students take Spanish courses for foreigners at the University Modern Language Centre, Centro de Lenguas Modernas, which is located in the central and typically "granadino" district of the "Realejo".  The centers iss housed in the old palace of Santa Cruz (16th century) which has been specially restored for teaching purposes. Since restoration was completed in 1992, the new Centro de Lenguas Modernas offers not only its now renowned Spanish Courses for Foreigners (Hispanic Studies Course, Studies in Spanish Language and Culture Course and Intensive Spanish Language Courses) but also a variety of Foreign Language Courses (English, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Modern Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Swedish). It is the combination of the two that make the centre such an original venture; here foreign students can share their daily lives with those of Spanish students, thus stimulating a mutual interest in their different languages and cultures. This contact is strengthened through a language exchange service, which gives students the opportunity to practice their Spanish outside the classroom, and by cultural visits and activities.

Academic Areas of Study and Courses

The program for the Intensive Spanish Language Courses has been adapted to comply with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages and the courses are offered at the following levels: Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced and Superior. These levels are also sub-divided into two parts, A and B.

Intensive Language Courses
Beginner A1A
Beginner B1B
Intermediate A2A
Intermediate B2B
Advanced A3A
Advanced B3B
Superior A4A
Superior B4B

The University of Granada offers four different types of programs that allow students to take a variety of Spanish courses for all proficiency levels:

Spanish Language and Culture Course Subjects

  1. Spanish Language. (40 hours)
  2. Latin American Literature. (20 hours)
  3. Spanish Literature. (20 hours)
  4. Spanish Geography. (20 hours)
  5. Spanish History. (20 hours)
  6. History of Art in Spain. (20 hours)
  7. Spanish Civilization and Culture. (20 hours)
  8. Islamic Culture in Spain. (20 hours)
  9. Latin American Civilization and Culture. (20 hours)
  10. Varieties of Spanish. (20 hours)
  11. An Introduction to Business Spanish. (20 hours)

Please remember that the subjects chosen must add up to a total of 80 to 90 hours (only 60 hours for the winter session).

Admission Requirements and Visa Application

For beginning, intermediate, and advanced level Spanish speakers. Students must have a 2.5 GPA. All students must take a Spanish language assessment exam upon arrival in Granada. The exam will test each student's language proficiency level, and will determine the courses that the student is eligible to enroll. Students who have completed less than one year of college-level Spanish will likely place into beginning level courses. Students who have completed one full year of college-level Spanish will likely place into the intermediate level courses. Students who have completed two years of college-level Spanish will likely place into advanced level courses.

WISE Abroad will assist you with your student visa application. Students staying longer than 3 months will require a visa. Students from any country outside the European Union planning to study in Granada for more than three months should apply for a student visa at their nearest Spanish Embassy or Consulate.  Once the application form for a semester or academic year at University of Granada has been received, students will be sent a Reservation or Enrolment Certificate together with a letter of confirmation to the address given.  It is important to be aware that if you have entered Spain with a tourist visa, it is not then possible to obtain a student visa to prolong your stay. Even if you initially think you will be in the country for less than three months, it is worth applying for a student visa in your own country which will enable you to prolong your stay in Spain if you should so wish.  You may visit these sites to learn about the nearest Spanish Consulate to you: ( or click on the Resources for Students link for additional information.


WISE Abroad cannot guarantee course selection and class schedules will be determined once you arrive in Granada.